Guest Comments - 2011:
Deveney Communication-January 2011-annual retreat. Reunion House was a wonderful and beautiful place for us to re-charge and plan for the year ahead.


The Marriage of Nicole Leigh Quoder to Paul Geragosian-Jan. 22, 2011—What a wonderful setting for a wedding! We could not have asked for anything to be more perfect. The house was wonderful and well equipped for fun and any type of gathering. It gave us all opportunity to eat together, laugh together, and have fun together. It gave opportunity for the members of each family to intermingle, get to know one another and enjoy all the surroundings the House has to offer. Friends, family, love and memories were made and established. What a joyous and blessed time we all had. Thank you for creating such an atmosphere.
Ron, Alexis, Diane Quader, Pittsburgh, PA


Quader-Geragosian Wedding, Jan. 20-24, 2011. We arrived to celebrate my son Paul and Nikki’s wedding on Jan. 22 to a wonderful union and place. This great place is a perfect place for a celebration such as this. The joining of 2 families allowed us to share, laughter, joy and love of this wonderful couple. Everyone who helped in this day was exceptional. We created many memories and thank you for that.
Bernice and Eric and families.


Jan. 18-25, 2011* Wedding 1/22/11—Our time at the Reunion House was nothing less than amazing! Everything from top to bottom was perfect. We got married on the beach: our family and closest friends were all able to come celebrate with us at this fantastic house. It was a great time for all. We will be staying again!
Thank you so much, Paul, Nikki & Gabriella Geragosian


Feb. 28-March 7, 2011-March 5 wedding The house was large, yet cozy. We enjoyed our stay here so much.
Charles & Judy Nash


March 12-17, 2011—I’ve had such a wonderful time you for sharing your house with me.
Kendall Wood


The Reunion House is the best house you will ever stay in. Thanks for letting us stay here.
Ansley Wood


May, 2011. Great time had by all! Wonderful house, beautiful place and special people. Had a blast. Enjoyed having a house that held all my favorite people.
The Gillespies Love the pool, love the beach, love the scenery, love the house.


Together is the best place to be! Enjoyed a blessed week with our 3 daughters and their families. What a well planned vacation home for large groups. Great memories!
The Munn family May, 2011


May 14-21, 2011 Thank you so much for allowing us to celebrate our wedding week in your beautiful home. What an amazing time enjoyed by so many! Leaving this wonderful place feeling very blessed.
Love, Hunter @ Natalie East and family


May 21-28, 2011 Combs-Stumpf WEDDING! Combs family and Stumpf familes stayed here for the wedding of Maddison Combs to Jeffrey Stumpf (wedding on the beach). Great fun in the Reunion House and beach.
Jeanette Combs, mother of the bride, Quincy Combs


Jones Beach Bash-June 4-11, 2011. We can’t begin to tell you all the incredible memories that were made this week. We celebrated a 16th birthday, and a 50th birthday. Your home was so beautiful and accommodated everyone so well. We shared food, fun, laughter, fire on the beach, games, game room, coffee, late nights, sunburns, suntans, cook-outs, pool time and so much more. Thank you so much for opening your home and allowing 3 families to come together and enjoy great times of celebration. We pray a blessing over you and your family. God Bless!
Casey, Wendy, Walker Jones, Dale, Kim, Brianna Hall, Ron, Leisa, Micah Gay, Turner and Jade Moore, Mike and Jamie Cotterill, Kaylie and Jake, Cody, Dillan, Thomas, Austin, Cole


Dear Whoever reads this—We stayed here June 17-25, 2011. It was amazing. It is not far from the beach, and it has really good shopping spots. Be sure to turn the PACMAN machine off at night! It makes noises and is kinda scary, but otherwise this place is awesome!
Have fun, Megan.


July 23,30, 2011—Rebhans, Carrons, Clines, Pauleys, Tessons, Scherers. All in all we had a very eventful week! The kids flew around the house playing games, screaming, while the adults danced. Rachel and Jeremy said their vows on the beach--. and made the promise to be together in front of friends, family and strangers. It was beautiful. We shopped till we dropped racing for the best deals in town, became pirates for a day and sailed the open sea with 25 people. This trip brought our families closer and I think we all know the true meaning of living, laughing and loving as we leave today.
Rebhans, Carrons, Clines, Pauleys, Tessons, Scherers.


Aug. 8-12, 2011 Thanks for an awesome week before the next chapter of 1st, 2nd, 4th grade starts. Great way to end a summer. Great memories.
Thank you—The Austins, Marshalls & Taylors


Mesa & Matthew Dobron Wedding. We cannot even begin to thank you enough. Your house is beyond beautiful and perfect for a huge group of families and people. So many memories were made in this house and we all had a blast. All of the laughter and tears will be cherished from today on. Thank you so much again.
Guests of Mr. & Mrs. Dobson


Jackie & Tiffany Davidson. We love your home. It has made our wedding so wonderful. We want to thank you for making that happen. Friends and family had a blast.
The Davidsons


Aug. 21, 2011 Jack & Tiffany’s wedding. We all had an amazing a time. Everything was beyond perfect. Such a beautiful home.
Thanks so much, Chelsea (bridesmaid)


Nov. 11, 19, 2011. Jerm & Abby’s. Excitement in the air, ribbons flying in the wind. Palm trees all lite up. Love is in the air. God’s blessings everywhere. Carolyn & Jim. An amazing mesh of family and friends so perfectly matched that wedding night was a family gathering. So amazing and breathtaking.
Meghan Gerber


11/21/2011 thank you Reunion House for the wonderful experience of a destination wedding. We had so much fun here altogether with family and friends. Great house, love the location. We will be back.
Jeremy and Abby Gerber married 11/19/11.j Kilgore/Gerber Reunion 11//11.


11/19/2011 Reunion House-an amazing and absolutely memorable time we’ve had here. We married our daughter to the love of her life under a tent in the drive and will never forget this place. Thank you for the warmth, peace, and home that accommodate many family and friends. We’ll be back-maybe to celebrate an anniversary. This place is very special and we were honored to be among those who made special memories here.
Keren Kilgore, Mother of the bride


What an amazing vacation and wedding. We love you Abby and Jeremy and enjoyed watching you tie the knot! We laughed and loved and soaked up the sun. Now it’s back to snowy Colorado for the holidays. So long lovely beach house. So long ocean. You will be missed.
Amber Kilgore


Aug 11, 2011 We have had a great time in the Reunion House. There were 28 people staying in the house and we all fit. We had so many fun times and memories. The game room is awesome! And the bedrooms, too. Thanks Auntie Annie for planning this trip!
Love, Jaden, Ally, Livi, Josh, Charles, Lily, Tory


Week of Nov. 22-29-Families Baize, McNichol, Davis- Georgetown, Ky, Union, KY, Nashville, TN WOW! This place is amazing. The great house and all of the cool things to do in Rosemary made this vacation very memorable. After the great bedroom war of 2011, we had a blast chilling on the beach, riding bikes into town, playing the arcade games, and playing tennis. Three of the boys went to play a round of golf at Camp Creek, which was very nice. The adults kept themselves busy mostly by playing tennis, going to the beach and
Davis McNichol, 15, Union KY.


11/28/2011 We had a wonderful time—our Thanksgiving dinner was great and we loved the kitchen. The weather was perfect 6 out of 7 days. The beach is beautiful.
Melissa Baize, Georgetown,KY


12/14/11 What a great time and we only have been here for 4 hours. This should be a wonderful week/end. Wedding is Saturday and Katie & Jared are such a good match. Thank you for the memories.
Linda Borgman


12/15/11 What a beautiful place.-- Spending time with friends and family. The weather is perfect for a wedding on the beach. Beach is beautiful with white sand for walkers. Thanks to my brother and his wife for inviting us to his son’s wedding.
Arlene Wilgenbusch


Dec. 20, 2011 Best week ever!! We had the best time ever this week at the Reunion House for the Bulach/Vincent wedding. The weather was perfect; the friends, family and quality time was amazing. The house is beautiful and everything we could ask for. We couldn’t have had a better wedding.
Thanks and with much love, The Vincents & Bulachs


May 27, 2010 Dear Rhonda and Philip. We had an amazing time at the Reunion House. It was such a wonderful place to get married. Thank you for letting us have our wedding here.
Theresa and Steen


The Munn Family spent the first week of May 2011 at the Reunion House. It greatly exceeded our expectations. Our 3 daughters and their families each had great space and commented on the attention to detail for large groups. The children and guys loved the game room. My girls and I loved the kitchen, enjoying cooking breakfast each morning and having my sleepy eyed grandchildren at the bar placing their orders. Glenn and I appreciated the fact that the flooring and decorations were not fussy. There was never a concern about the children and putting things away. And the location—What fun to ride to local spots to shop and eat. The beach was gorgeous with great sunsets.
The Munn Family